Dyana Dafova-singer, composer, dancer and producer

(Named "Spiritual voice of Bulgaria")

Dyana Dafova is a unique composer and singer with music, performed and distributed in 25 countries on three continents. Her compositions are combining elements from different genres, cultures and traditions from all over the world with rich harmony and expressive sound. They are inspired by the deep spiritual search of a strong artistic personality into the visible and invisible world. The lyrics have a very strong global message and include 16 languages - English, Sanskrit, Portugese, Japanise, Italian, Celtic, Vietnamize, Zulu, Arabic, Hebrew and others.

Dyana is born and educated in Sofia, Bulgaria. She studied classical piano in the State Musical School and singing and jazz piano in the State Musical Academy. Her very elegant and gracious attitude on the stage is due to her dancing talent, developed by classical and jazz ballet studies.

Dyana has started her professional career at the age of 18 years old and very soon after that she was one of the most popular and favorite artists in and outside the country. Her songs became true hits, which led many television and radio charts, due to Dyana's perfection and outstanding artistic interpretation. The magnetic persona of the singer on the stage and TV screen also contribute to the powerful influence of her music. Dyana Dafova has received many international awards and recognitions for the different fields of her work and career.

Some facts and achievements:

  • Dyana Dafova is a winner of the Golden Remi Award for best live concert for her show in the Golden Nugget hall of Frank Sinatra in Las Vegas at the 43 rd International Film festival in Houston among 4400 competitors from 33 countries.
  • The song "Ahadyiah" from the album "Sounds of the Earth", recorded in Holland was selected by NASA for transmit ion in the Cosmos with the Shuttle Columbia. Dyana was a special guest of the director Mr.David Dickinson and the astronauts at the live launch in Cape Canaveral, Florida. A unique video clip was produced with original NASA film from the shuttle.
  • For her song "Taliesin", Dyana is awarded with First Prize for composition at the USA Songwriting Competition among 35 000 participants from around the world.
  • Dyana received a personal letter from the late Pope Saint John Paul II with His blessings for the music she is creating.
  • Senator Hillary Clinton has the last three albums of Dyana Dafova in her music collection. She expressed her gratitude in a personal letter to the singer. Dyana is invited to make a charity event at the Kennedy Center, Washington, raising funds for the "Clinton" Foundation.
  • The Senate of Texas, USA recognized Dyana with the Proclamation No: 470 for outstanding achievements in music, art and humanitarian work world wide.
  • Dyana Dafova is a special envoy of UN and has multiple participations in charity events, supporting UNHCR. For her activities Dyana is awarded with a medal "60 years UN".
  • The American military peace keeping mission in Camp Bondsteal, Kosovo awarded Dyana with 5 medals for excellence after her exclusive concert in the base. The Bulgarian National TV made a documentary film for the event, which was shown several times through satellite.
  • Dyana is the Golden Prize winner at the Mongolian International competition "The Blue Sky of Mongolia".
  • Dyana is a winner of the "Golden Phenomenon" award (UN) for her phenomenal achievements in the artistic fields.
  • Dyana received the "Golden Feather" certificate for her specific contribution for the Bulgarian contemporary culture.
  • The first international album of Dyana Dafova "Charisma-Spiritual Grace", where she is the composer, performer and producer, is distributed by CD Baby (USA), Times Music (India), Riva Sound (Bulgaria and East Europe) and Music Media(Italy).
  • The album "One World in Song" is issued in USA in 2009 from KRB Music, Nashville. The song "One World" is classified for 8 months on the 6 th position in the Top 100 World Music Chart. It was nominated for best song and best female vocalist in the international chart.
  • The Italian compilation "Le Regine Della Musica"(Queens of Music), produced by Music Media-Milan and distributed by RCS-Italy included for the first time compositions from the Balkans, presented by two songs of Dyana.
  • The last album of Dyana Dafova "One World in Harmony" (2014) has a global message for peace, tolerance, love and unity in diversity. The songs are performed in 16 languages.